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Tinkering Away

December 1, 2013

km 064Well! The recording has been going somewhat painlessly. Imagine that!? This is our third go around together in the studio and I think we might finally be hitting our stride. We still have a few overdubs to go and then onto editing and mixing. Yeah!

I also realized that in the past year since he’s been with us, I’ve never officially introduced our newest addition to the band. We now have keys! It started out as, “Come out and jam with us!” one night and …. well, the jam session never ended. Gladly, I’d like to introduce our key master, Patrick. He went to town on all the different pianos available at the studio. He especially took a liking to the Petrof grand piano. Man, it sounded amazing. We’re even showcasing his vocal and songwriting chops in one of the songs.

We’re itching to get the new tunes out there but – patience. That’s what we keep telling ourselves. So I am off for a few days to visit my really cool aunt in the States, while they do the rest of the lead guitar overdubs this week. Then it’s acoustics and background vocals when I return. I’m hopeful to start some new writing again. Being away always seems to clear the cobwebs from my head. It’s like a new, clean canvas set on the easel just waiting to be splattered with some kind of new idea.

We’ll see!




Two Tickets to Paradise

June 12, 2011

In twelve hours I will be boarding a plane to Hawaii. The timing couldn’t be any better. Things have been winding down as we are getting the EP into the mastering process. Our drummer boy is off to Greece for a few weeks and I thouhgt this would be the perfect time to take the offer of a friend, who was looking for a travel buddy. It’s just what I need to rejuvenate my soul.

A  little sun and laughter and fun will do me some good. Just get a fresh, clear head to come back and get the final details in place for promoting and releasing the record. Finally!

It’s funny because, we’ve all said at different times, that we’ve since written quite a few songs that we now feel are way better. But isn’t that so typical? Your latest song creation has become your current favourite.

We are excited, though, about getting some feedback from our little recording project. So…………….

Stay tuned!


Nowhere Girl


Day 229 – Vocals

December 3, 2010

More recording tonight. Vocals. This will be the last time I’ll be able to get in the studio before I leave the country for a few weeks. Only six more days! UK, here I come! ALthough, they are getting slammed with a truck load of snow. Yike! Hopefully the weather will settled down a bit before we leave. So I am off to get this done. Keeping my fingers crossed things will go smoothly. Last night got off to a rough start with technical difficulties.

Wish me luck!

Nowhere Girl


Day 224 – Gone Baby Gone

November 28, 2010

Don't think this guy stole my rims but stranger things have happened!

So yesterday, as I’m leaving for the studio, I find all four of my rims missing from my car! I almost laughed in disbelief. Right from my own parking lot! And I was parked next to an Audi! Not one other car was touched. I guess someone was really desperate for Mazda rims. Very annoying. My car looks so naked. I guess I should be thankful they didn’t take the tires and all! I’ve heard stories like that.

I’ve lived in this neighbourhood and have never had a problem and now I find no rims. Unbelievable! Needless to say that I was definite I wanted to record Just Ain’t Fair as one of our songs for the EP. The second day of recording went well, although I’m sure all would agree that the night before was oddly magical. Recording can really be tiring, I realized. In the past I’d worked solo with a producer and we’d work on tracks in short snippets of time. But to block off two days straight will wear you out.

Good news is the drum tracks are all down. We’re going back next week for another two days, maybe three to lay down bass and rhythm guitar and maybe some vocals. At least that will be done before I fly off to the UK the following week. Lead guitar can be laid while I’m away and I can always finish off final vocals when I get back. The goal is to have a product ready for release by April or May of next year. That’s when my 365 day writing challenge will conclude. It will be a nice way to celebrate the result of this project. Here’s hoping.

On that note, it’s time to hit the hay. It’s been a long couple of days.

Until tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

Nowhere Girl


Day 223 – Deaf Can Dance

November 27, 2010

It’s always interesting to see how different people interpret beats and rhythms. Coming from the dance world, I see it all the time how people find different spots in the music to move to. During playback after last night’s first go at the studio, I looked about at all the men standing around bopping their heads. Some used their shoulders a bit. Almost all of them either tapped their feet or pounded the floor with one foot. What really intrigued me was how some would bop their head to the left, some forward, some to the right. Everybody had their own way to feel the groove. We humans really are a masterpiece. When you think about it, how could there be so many of us on this planet and be so distinctly different from each other? Really think about that. We all have some discerning quality: the way we look, the way we speak, how we behave, how we learn, how we interact. The list can go on. Isn’t that amazing?!

And no I’m not losing my mind – at least not yet. I just get hit with these realizations every once in a while at how much of a phenomena we really are. And yes, last night’s first go at the studio went extremely well. We worked on our levels and got comfortable. It was very productive. We even got a few really good takes right out of the gate. Let’s hope today’s full day will follow up even better than last night. I’m even getting¬† a cool song idea as I am writing. I can hear the 60’s beat in my head already. Okay, got to go! The studio awaits!

See ya!

Nowhere Girl