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Bang On!

October 18, 2013

bang on


Two-by-four’s are like scissors; you shouldn’t run with them.

I have mentioned before that one of things I love about living in my neighbourhood is that you are always amazed to find things that still amaze you! Just got back from the grocery store and on my way across a busy intersection, I see two guys running to make the light carrying a two-by-four piece of wood in each of their hands. Not outrageous but strange nonetheless. Where are they going with these pieces of wood? What are they building that they only need four pieces?

The bigger question is: what would happen if one of them – or both tripped and fell over, thus dislodging the large segments of wood from their possession and possibly whacking someone in the head or face that was also crossing the street? Like me! What if they tripped and the wood slid into the moving traffic. Cars slamming on brakes , cyclists being thrown off their bikes; it’s not a pretty sight. Just what were they thinking, you might ask?

They weren’t. It’s kind of like when I wasn’t thinking at all when I smacked myself in the face with my GUITAR. I’m sure most of you know that an electric guitar can pack quite a bit of weight. Yeah. Ouch! Let me tell you, it was the stupidest thing I think I’ve ever done. – Okay, you can stop laughing for second! I was putting the strap over my head like normal but I guess I misjudged the distance of my head to the body and wham-o! Right in the kisser. The initial zing reverberates through your skull like a crazy trip for a millisecond, then instantly anger and frustration. I might even say rage enters the picture. I let go of the guitar and covered my mouth. That’s when the guys noticed something was up. (Typical men. How can you not notice me making out with a guitar?!)

I could’ve dealt with the blow but it wasn’t until they asked if I was okay that my anger and frustration exploded and I ……. teared up. That’s right. I almost started to cry. I know! How many times do I have to remind myself? There’s no crying in rock and roll! Duh! Everyone knows that. But man, until you get kicked in the face with the top end of a guitar you might think differently. Luckily I have some great band mates. Our bass player just sh-luffed the whole thing off and said, “Ah, I’m sure you’re not the first and you probably won’t be the last to do that.” And then he carried on about the business of plugging himself in. Gotta love that!

So my point to all this is – think. Think before you pick up a guitar. Think before you run across the street with loose two-by-fours. You might be safer with scissors! (Just kidding.)

Well, short and sweet today but thought you might get a little giggle out of my fat lip. Although, I have to say that my pride is more bruised than anything else. Oh well. Just another day as a muso.