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Day 105 – Rambunctious!

August 2, 2010

RAMBUNCTIOUS on the bar at La Palette

It was quite a jam-packed weekend with today being the wrap up of a holiday long weekend. The last three days have been filled with more emotion and more action than I’ve seen in a while! Sticking to the highlights instead of the lowlights of the last three days, I have to gush about the fabulous experience I had at this new wine bar, slash, restaurant that I discovered on the main strip here in the west end. It’s the same place where I thought the waiter was really cute until I almost choked on my drink when I found out he was barely legal.

Anyhow, one Saturday night a month they have this really groovy Dixie-Land-type band called Rambunctious play there. They are very New Orleans style. So much fun to watch and hear. (As an aside; If you haven’t had the chance to hang out in New Orleans for a day or two, you’ve got to add that on your bucket list. It’s a town not to be skipped when researching great musical cities.) So! These guys are called Rambunctious and boy, are they ever!

They don’t come on until midnight because that’s when the kitchen closes and they set up a platform over the cooking area. (They have an open kitchen.) The drummer sets up on the platform – who is a chic, by the way. So cool because that’s not very common. And the other six or seven horn players come out from the back in a procession, playing. They continue the procession up onto the bar stools and atop and across the bar. It’s very Coyote Ugly but instead of scantily-clad girls jiggling around, it is a mixture of male and female horn players doing their thing. And the bar continues to serve their clientele in full swing. You are literally taking your drink between somebody’s legs!

It’s really loud and really fun to be in the thick of the sound. It’s something very unique. Especially on that strip which is mostly nightclubs and Rock Bars. The place was packed and passers-by clogged the side-walk to watch. (They have an open sliding door so foot traffic gets a good eye and ear-full of the whole fabulous fiasco.) I tell you, I felt like I was down south in Louisiana! It was great. And they jam most of their stuff on the spot. They’re very interactive. Man, I felt so alive being in the middle of it all. I say, the middle, because the musicians surround you across the bar and then along the kitchen’s ledge and drummer’s platform.

Stellar is all I can say based on my experience but please don’t take my word for it. You should definitely check it out for yourself if you’re ever in the city. The place is called La Palette and the band is Rambunctious. It leaves you feeling as such.

Aaaaaaah,…………..I love summer ………..and I love the experience of music, art, life………….

Playing on…….

Nowhere Girl