March 9, 2013

ImageAfter a musical, magic carpet ride and two curtain calls I am still flying high from the fury known as Serena Ryder. Those that know me, know that I have a huge, HUGE girl-crush on her. Every time I walk out of one of her shows I feel like I could float out of the venue. She just keeps getting better. There’s something almost unexplainable about her. Her energy is enrapturing and it’s just so damn magical – for lack of a better word to use to describe the experience. It’s nearly impossible to sit still through her show. At times, I was surprised to notice just how much I was grooving, shaking, tapping, dancing, girating as I was locked on the vision that was Serena.

One of the two highlight of tonight’s show was during her first curtain call when she took to playing the drums. It was so powerful, the whole 800 seat theater had no choice but to get on heir feet as if pulled by a force beyond anything they were aware of to just dance, clap, sing and just be plain happy. I know it sounds like a Hippy Jamboree but she really does have that affect on people. Not only is she an incredible vocalist and invigorating guitar player but she’s also just so bloody like-able.

That brings me to the other highlight of the night which was when she called up a little girl, who was dancing in the front row, up to sing with her while she closed the show. I felt myself being transported into that little girl, Alicia from Burlington, Ontario. What an experience to be watching someone in awe and have them notice you and invite you up to join them. It was so touching and exciting. I can’t stop gushing about it. You’d think she’d asked me to go up there. (I most certainly would not have handled it as gracefully as Alicia did as I’d probably be a bumbling idiot.) But what touched me was that in that moment she may have changed the course of a child’s life right then and there. She’ll always have that memory of making that momentary connection with a star and this may just be what propels her own dream to pursue music. It always begins with one moment.

Infectious. It’s the only way to describe her that says it all. The only way from here is up for Miss Ryder, in my books. I raced home to write this entry before I forgot this elated feeling as we always seem to do in the light of day. And I’ll probably be up late tonight trying to work out some new song ideas  of my own. Inspiration via Serena, of course.

Aaaaaaah. There’s nothing like turning the knob on the door of a new room you never even knew was there. (Lady Gaga reference.)

Thank you and Good Night.


Nowhere Girl




March 2, 2013


As I roamed through the bookstore yesterday trying to find just the perfect notebook to hold all my spontaneous inspirations of the written word (insert a little bit of sarcasm here), I came across a very simple one with no fancy colours or drawings on the cover. But it did make me take notice of it because on the cover was written one sentence. “Inspiration is everywhere.” It really made me stand there and stare at it for a while. Why was I always looking so hard for something that was standing right in front of me most of the time? We seem to have this preconceived notion that what is art and what is inspiration is supposed to be something so grand and over the top that they will be making documentaries and feature films about it long after you are gone. But the simple truth is this. Keep it simple, stupid.

As I may have previously mentioned, I am a rock bio pic/documentary junkie. I love delving into the makings of great artists and musicians. Even if I don’t care for their work, I still have great respect for the story of where they came from and how it all started. Especially since everyone, no matter how great, had a helping hand along the way. Everyone.  Every time I hear the phrase self-made millionaire, i just about want to jump out of my skin. Who do these people think they are to care on that kind of title? How can you be a self-made anything without the support, the aid, the encouragement, the belief of the people around you? The whole human experience is about interaction – no matter what your goal is. And that is why I love being a part of a band instead of being a solo artist. Although, even solo artists have people around them that give them guidance.

The reason for this long introductory rant?

I just finished watching Dave Grohl’s SOUND CITY and I am in love with music all over again. I have re-birthed my drive and love for the art called music and everything involved in its creation – which is the basic premise of the documentary. It tells the story about the infamous Sound City recording studio in California, where some major artists and bands like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and Nirvana,  just to name a few, recorded between the 60’s right up until 2011 when they finally closed down. But what made me tear up a few times was the love you felt throughout this movie. The relationships that these people created when working in this studio space. And how music brought it together and sealed it with a kiss. Keeping it simple. You really should watch the film to get the full grasp. Dave Grohl is a great story teller and kept me wanting for this film to never end, really. I could listen to everyone’s stories and memories of their experiences forever. But of course, all things have to come to an end but I walk away feeling more in love with music than ever before.1682339-poster-1280-foo-fighters-front-man-dave-grohl-explains-how-sound-city

You know, as a dancer, I have always felt enveloped by music. Like it cradles you and inspires you to move accordingly. But when you are a part of creating the music, you feel inside of it. It courses through your veins and when it’s done right, it’s like the closest  feeling to God or the Universe I think one could ever feel. I’m sure anyone can say that about their passion. Their truth. Mine is sound. Musical sound. It’s why I love this journey called life. There are many out there that question what the meaning of it is and for me I think this magical experience here on earth, interacting with other human beings is what it’s all about and you see it so clearly when you watch the musicians in this film play together. They really are in a state of joy. (Paul McCartney playing with the some of the members of Nirvana.)

I believe it’s Jim Keltner that comments about the fact that today, you are able to make music completely alone. You don’t need the amount of man power it once took to create music BUT you’ll have much greater joy doing it with others. And that right there, ladies and gentlemen is when cupid shot an arrow right through my heart. He speaks the absolute truth. And it’s that truth that always brings me back to the band even after a long journey away. Home is where the band is. Keep enjoying the ride……….

Nowhere Girl


Liars, Thieves and Whores – Finally!

December 10, 2012


Well, 2012 has brought us our second EP that we have affectionately titled : LIARS, THIEVES AND WHORES. Fun, isn’t it? We’re super excited after a challenging year to finally have it done and ready to share it with you. Sooooooo Christmas came a little early for all our NOWHERE GIRL friends. You can pick up a cd at our show this Saturday at 3030 and you can also check out a few of the songs on it here:


Non Fin

December 31, 2011

I’ve been struggling over the last few days on how to begin this entry. As the year comes to a close this evening, I am slowly emerging from the darkness that has been my existence for the past few months.

I’ve made many attempts to write but have felt helpless at having absolutely nothing to offer. My obsession with inspiration has left me pretty dry this last little while. Hence the reason why there haven’t been any entries for the past few months. It’s odd, I guess. This intrigue I have with what fuels or ignites the creative. This intrigue, or some would say obsession has left me void of any of my own. Although, I’ve been told that there are other atmospheric factors that have aided in shrouding me with some of this darkness.

But! I’ve been working on getting myself back on track. It’s not over yet ’cause the fat lady ain’t sung her final aria just yet. (That’s my way of poking a little fun at myself.) Feeling lost in life is quite the experience. It’s not like being lost in a strange city because there are always resources you can rely on, like signs, other people, buildings and landmarks etc. When you feel lost in life, there are no helpful signs to guide you. There are no other people who can steer you in the exact direction you need to be going. It’s all on you to try to find your way out. It’s like trying to climb through a cloud…

So here we are on the crest of the final wave and I am feeling the light slowly flicker again. We had a show a few weeks back and it was good to get back on the stage and to feel that support from friends and a few new fans.  Fans. I’m so uncomfortable with that term. I don’t believe that we have fans. I believe that we have new-found friends, who enjoy what we are doing. It was nice.

We’ve released our EP – THIS IS NOT HERE digitally. Come hell or high water, we just couldn’t tweak it anymore to our liking so we hope that you like what’s out so far. The boys and I have started making plans for our next song set to record. We are pretty pumped and looking froward to sharing these new tunes with everyone. We’re just working out the kinks with schedules etc and hope that it won’t drag out for a year like the last one did.

All in all, I leave 2011 with a weak smile. Although there was much struggle between dark and light, I am so thankful I could experience it because this battle has taught me that I still have strength and I’ve still got the embers of passion burning on the coals, ready to explode into life again. So this is not the end.

Let a new chapter begin……


Nowhere Girl

PS You can listen, buy or download our EP here:

Nowhere Girl – THIS IS NOT HERE



Road to Revelation

December 3, 2011

In his latter life, Elvis pondered intently the reason why he was who he was. Why was he who he was? He really wanted to know, “Why me?”  Why was he born with such talent, such charisma, such gifts… such luck.

And there are so many who wonder, “Why not me?”



This Ain’t No 3-Hour Tour

August 28, 2011

Friday, June 24th – 2:56am

Flight home had two connections. First two legs were fairly smooth. Flew through the night from San Francisco to Newark where we were to jump on a flight home. Sounds easy. The third leg of the trip was a little over an hour and we’d be home by 9:30am yesterday. NOT!

When we arrived they told us our flight was delayed by an hour. We think this actually works out great because now we have a chance to catch our breath. So instead of getting on at 6:45am we will be catching our flight at 7:45am. Not too bad. Flights get delayed another hour. Then forty-five minutes later it’s cancelled altogether. Rebooked for 3:10pm. Cancelled again. Rebooked for 8:20pm. 8:20pm is delayed to 10:30pm.

We finally board the last flight leaving Newark for the day at 11:05pm. 18 hours we’ve been in Newark airport. Haven’t properly slept in 38 hours. A trip that should be about ten to twelve hours had taken us 36 hours in total. Completely exhausted but happy to be home…. Do miss the beach, though.

Mahalo Hawaii

Nowhere Girl

PS Don’t ever fly Continental


Aloha – Day #10

August 27, 2011

Tuesday, June 21

The meaning of Aloha is both hello and good-bye – among many other things like love etc. And after tonight we will be saying “Aloha” to paradise and hello to the real world. Although, I must admit I won’t miss hearing what sounds like Times Square outside my window, I will miss the most perfect weather. Heat from the sun mixed with a cool breeze.

Tonight is Luau night – our last night in O’Ahu. We’ll be wearing fresh flower leis and will be bedazzled by the Vegas-style Hula show the hotel puts on with tonnes of food. Looking froward to it.





To recap, yesterday was hangover day. Not for me but for my travel buddy. On the previous night, we decided to take it easy and go down to the Tapas bar where they have live music every night. And it all started with ordering a Blue Hawaii drink. (Mine was a virgin, of course. Learned my lesson.) From there we ended up at an Irish bar called Kelly’s just off the main strip. And that’s where the drinks kept flowing – for her. I was busy checking out the kick-ass cover band playing come of the greatest Old School Rock. I don’t even know what they called themselves but I loved the fact that they had a girl on bass. The place was rockin’.

One thing I found funny is that there was no smoking indoors anywhere on the island – as is the case with most places in North America. But the locals all warn you that if you can’t handle a smokey bar that you shouldn’t go to Kelly’s. There’s even a “No Smoking” sign right on the front door. But smoke they do there. And guess what the fine is? Fifty dollars! Fifty bucks! Back home it’s $5000! They are funny, the Hawaiians. It’s all about “Hangin’ Loose”. Taking it easy.

So I plan on hangin’ loose for the rest of today before the Luau. It’s been lightly raining on and off all morning so I’m keeping my charred skin out of the sun today. It’s my friend’s birthday today so we’ll be going for some fabulous sushi at Todai’s across the street!


Nowhere Girl